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Why choose SOLSUM?

  • Many years of experience in the implementation of photovoltaic projects from design to service
  • Proven company – thousands of customers in Poland have trusted us
  • Only 100% original products that guarantee fast return on investment and high quality of energy yields
  • Comprehensive investment service
  • Area of operation covers the whole of Poland
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Clients about us:

“The work entrusted was carried out in a fully professional manner”

Stanislaw – owner of an 8.58kWp installation, Ludźmierz

“We recommend SOLSUM as a reliable ad credible company”.

Piotr Sroka, Manager of WABCO POLAND, Wroclaw

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SOLSUM as a one-stop supplier

We are pleased to welcome you to the official website of SOLSUM Ltd.
Our mission is modern solar power plants.

On our page you can find both complete PV systems, solar cells, photovoltaic panels, inverters, charge controllers, batteries, mounting systems and other various components for the construction of professional solar power plants, and acquire comprehensive knowledge and advice on energy of this type. We strive to make each offered system work as efficiently as possible.

Photovoltaics is our passion and vocation, so we invite you to the world of solar energy today!


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