Photovoltaic farms

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Photovoltaic farms

Our company SOLSUM offers comprehensive services in the field of photovoltaic installations – we provide design, sales, installation and photovoltaic service. In addition, we also offer assistance in obtaining funding for the implementation of investments under EU and national programs.

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Photovoltaic farms

We specialize in the construction of photovoltaic farms. Thousands of customers have already benefited from our services. We have built 500 photovoltaic power plants, including about 100 ground-mounted ones. We handle orders from scratch, and our photovoltaic farm installation services include, but are not limited to, location audits, installation designs, obtaining the necessary environmental decisions and connection conditions, obtaining a permit for the implementation and construction of a photovoltaic installation, preparation of paperwork for obtaining and accounting for subsidies, construction of the photovoltaic power plant, maintenance and care of the investment. Our photovoltaic farms are reliable and have earned many positive reviews from customers who have already trusted us. The price, scope and delivery time of our services are always set individually. Our company employs specialists in many fields, which allows us to provide comprehensive services from the design stage, through obtaining financing, to the implementation of the investment. We always focus on professionalism, innovative solutions, creativity and communicative cooperation. We invite you to learn more about our full range of services we provide.

First of all: experience

Using years of experience we know that the design stage is extremely important for the long-term operation and financial success of the investment.

More than 500 completed photovoltaic power plants, including more than 100 ground-mounted power plants, guarantee professionalism throughout the investment process.

Our offer

Our services related to the construction of photovoltaic farms:

  • Location audit
  • Conceptual, construction, detailed designs
  • Obtaining environmental decisions
  • Obtaining connection conditions
  • Construction permits
  • Concessions and preparation of formalities for participation in the auction system
  • Construction of photovoltaic power plants
  • Servicing and taking care of the investment
  • Obtaining subsidies and accounting for subsidies


Examples of our projects


Why choose SOLSUM?

  • Many years of experience in the implementation of photovoltaic projects from design to service
  • Proven company – thousands of customers in Poland have trusted us
  • Only 100% original products that guarantee fast return on investment and high quality of energy yields
  • Comprehensive investment service
  • Area of operation covers the whole of Poland
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Clients about us:

“The work entrusted was carried out in a fully professional manner”

Stanislaw – owner of an 8.58kWp installation, Ludźmierz

“We recommend SOLSUM as a reliable ad credible company”.

Piotr Sroka, Manager of WABCO POLAND, Wroclaw
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