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SOLSUM complete installations

We present a photo gallery of selected realizations of photovoltaic power plants installed by SOLSUM.


200kWp with Poland’s largest energy storage facility using lithium-ion technology, Małopolska province

Photovoltaic farm of 160kWp located on 4 plots of land, Świętokrzyskie province.

Photovoltaic installation 15.4kWp


Implementation of a photovoltaic installation with a capacity of 15.4kWp to power the facility Willa Poprad in Rytro

MWT modules full black, installation on the facade of the company building

Innovative modules using MWT (Metal Wrap Through) technology.

The most common solution in the manufacturing process of photovoltaic modules is to apply busbars by H-screen printing directly onto the silicon layer.

The cells that make up the modules are devoid of the traditional busbars on the front which increases the area without shading of the cells and the efficiency of the module higher by up to 5%.

In addition, the resistance generated by the welds between connected cells is reduced.

Elimination of the need for high-temperature solder, which increases the risk of micro-cracking.

Module efficiency of more than 20%

Ground-mounted photovoltaic power plant with a capacity of 98.8kWp, Lodz province.

Ground-mounted photovoltaic system, 40kWp power

Installation 40kWp, Municipality of Czarny Dunajec

Photovoltaic installation for a company, 50kWp power

Home installations, MWT panels

Ground-mounted photovoltaic installation

Photovoltaic carport

Ground installation 47.5kWp, Podlaskie province

On the part of SOLSUM: Turnkey implementation of the project including coordination of acceptance by the operator.

Mono photovoltaic installation 315Wp PERC

Full black 325Wp

BIPV coverage 40kWp

Photovoltaic sheds made of wood



Carport with EV charger – charging station for electric cars (Tesla S, Nissan Leaf)

Terrace canopy/photovoltaic shed

We made a shed together with a terrace roofing with modules of the ‘glass-glass’ type (from German: “glas-glas”). The name comes from the double glazing, which is on the front as with traditional modules and also on the back instead of the traditional film. Among other things, this allows for greater strength and light transmission.

Advantages of SOLSUM glas-glas modules:

  1. Glass-glass technology, providing higher yields than standard modules due to the reflection effect (PERC)
  2. Elegant black design
  3. Manufactured in Germany
  4. 87% efficiency guarantee after 30 years
  5. 20-year product warranty
  6. Extended lifetime of bipv glas-glas modules by 10 years (up to 40 years) compared to standard modules 
  7. Increased mechanical strength due to double glazing (for snow, wind)

Photovoltaic installation on the roof of the house

Terrace roofing with photovoltaic panels, glass-glass bifacial premium modules

Photovoltaic installation on the production hall with a capacity of 2x40kWp, Lower Silesia province

The foundation of the installation was planned on a roof covered with a bitumen layer with mineral wool insulation with a structure similar to membrane-covered roofs, which excluded the possibility of attaching the supporting structure to the roof structure without losing the warranty. For this reason, a patented aerodynamic fastening system was used, which allows installation without damaging (perforating) the roof surface and without additional ballast. The system provides a negligible additional load per 1m2, which was a condition due to the statics and limited possibilities for additional loading of the roof.

Production and service buildings, institutions from Lesser Poland and Lower Silesia

Photovoltaic installation on 320Wp PERT modules

Cabo Verde, Cape Verde


A private estate, photovoltaic + seawater desalination.

Ground installation 20kWp

Photovoltaic carports, photovoltaic sheds

Photovoltaic installation, PERC, 10kWp

Home photovoltaic installation with energy storage system, 14kWp

BIPV installation (modules replace roofing)

Photovoltaic shed (carport), PERC glass-to-glass modules

Home photovoltaic installation, PERC technology panels

Photovoltaic carports

Implementation of N-Peak 320 modules

Photovoltaic installation near Zakopane

Heat pumps, single-family homes


Heat pumps for air-to-water houses are characterized by very low operating costs, high COP, maintenance-free and quiet operation. Heat pump providing CO+CWU+cooling. We provide installation and service throughout Poland.

Home photovoltaic installation

Photovoltaics and wind turbine

Home photovoltaic system with energy storage, 10kWp

Ground-mounted photovoltaic power installation, Church, 10kWp

Photovoltaic power plant 39.78kWp, Lower Silesia province

10kWp + energy storage system, PTTK Hostel Pod Łabskim Szczytem

Home installation, full black PERC modules



Half cut PERC cells

Photovoltaic installation SOLSUM S10 premium variant


Photovoltaic installation up to 10kWp on monocrystalline modules and SMA inverter.

2 off grid photovoltaic installations, PTTK Mountain Hostel on Hala Ornak, Koscieliska Valley

Off-grid power system for the PTTK facility in the Karkonosze National Park

Our realization on one of the facilities of the PTTK Hostel in the Lower Silesian province in the Karkonosze National Park. The hostel is located in the hall below the Labský Peak on the edge of the Labský Kotel and at an altitude of 1168 m. We also provided an energy storage system there using lithium-ion technology, as the hostel is not connected to the grid. Thanks to the energy storage system combined with the photovoltaic installation, the shelter is energy independent.

Photovoltaic installation (PERC) with energy storage system (tech. lithium-ion)

Restaurant terrace roofing

Ground installation over rest area

Flat roof aerodynamic system without roof penetration, 40kWp

Installations on modules using MWT technology

Autonomous LED All in One PV lighting (solar led lamp)

Roof photovoltaic installation, Warsaw

Novelty Glass-glass PERC 290W modules + terrace canopy

Home photovoltaic installation on high-efficiency PERC modules

Roof photovoltaic installation, Warsaw

Heat pumps for companies


Heat pump installed at a car wash in Podhale. The pump provides heating for the office and DHW for the car wash needs.

Home installation


Installation on monocrystalline panels of 280Wp. Efficiency 17.8% Full Black Premium version. SMA 3 phase inverter.

Fast charging station for electric cars – one of the first realizations in Poland


DC fast charging station. Compatible with all electric cars. Charging time even less than 30min. depending on the EV model. Realization: SOLSUM.

Energy autonomous home – photovoltaics, energy storage, heat pumps, wind turbine

Photovoltaic carports

Photovoltaic installation at Shell gas station

Tesla Powerwall, build by SOLSUM

Photovoltaic carport + electric car charging station

House powered by renewable energy

Home photovoltaic system, MWT panels

Warehouse hall, 40kWp, Silesian province

Roof-mounted photovoltaic system, PERC

Rooftop photovoltaic system, 18.5kWp SOLSUM

Home photovoltaic installation with energy storage

Air-to-water heat pump

Photovoltaic carport

Photovoltaic shed

Car charging station, 22kW

Photovoltaic installation on a house

Ground installation, 20kWp

Home PV installations on innovative modules using PERC technology

Innovative Rear Cell Passivation (PERC) Technology.

The photovoltaic modules are made using polycrystalline silicon technology, utilizing backside passivation technology, which improves module efficiency by increasing the cell’s solar absorption efficiency. The back passivation causes sunlight passing through the cell in the wavelength range of 1000 to 1180 nm to reflect off the back reflective layer directing photons back to the front wall of the cell. In this way, solar radiation in the case of cells with bottom passivation becomes an additional source of electricity.

Photovoltaic power plant of 13kWp in the ground, Mazowieckie province

Installation of 13kWp (target 20kWp) in Mazowieckie province, Celestynów municipality mounted on SOLSUM’s patented support structure implemented to power a residential building. The building is heated by a heat pump, which will also be powered by photovoltaics.

Photovoltaic installation, 8KWp

Ground-mounted PV system powering a house with a heat pump

Photovoltaic and heat pump installation, Podhale

Photovoltaic installation full black mono panels

Domestic photovoltaic installation with a capacity of 15.86KWp

Photovoltaics on an outbuilding

Ground installation, 5kWp



Photovoltaic installation on a complex roof, Podhale area


Photovoltaic energy storage

Photovoltaic installation on a flat roof

PV installation, PTTK shelter on Ornak Hall at an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level

Installation of 10.92kWp with energy storage made for PTTK shelter on Hala Ornak – the highest installation of this type in Poland. No power supply from the public network. The hostel is visited daily in the season by up to 6,000 people, so it was decided to maximize the use of energy from renewable sources and optimize its consumption. Photovoltaics supply the hostel with electricity, making it possible to dispense almost entirely with cumbersome diesel generators. Future expansion of the PV installation is planned. The installation is equipped with an energy monitoring and management system.

Photovoltaic installation on thatched roof

Photovoltaic shed

Photovoltaic installation on roof, Podhale

Glass-glass photovoltaic system, Mazowieckie province


Ideal for use as a cladding for gazebos, garages, carports, elevations and garden sheds. 30-year performance guarantee and 20-year product warranty.

Photovoltaic installation for water heating

Installation without inverter, connected through the controller directly to the heater. Thanks to a special controller, which tracks the optimal operating point of photovoltaic modules, it dynamically changes the load characteristics so that 100% of the current from the panels is used. Compared to collectors, the advantage of this solution is maintenance-free (no replacement of glycol, moving parts such as pumps) and much longer life – the warranty is 30 years for PV panels and a well-designed installation also provides water heating even in autumn and winter and overcast skies.


Photovoltaic panels as a terrace canopy (BIPV)


The modules used in the Integration version ensure 100% leakproofness. The performance guarantee of the modules is 26 years.

Photovoltaic panels for the home

BIPV systems, PV modules replacing the roof (sheds and photovoltaic garages)

Photovoltaic installation for farm, 14kWp, Małopolska province

Installation made in the Podhale region. The solar power plant supplies the entire farm with electricity. Thanks to BIPV technology, harmful eternit was replaced with photovoltaic modules.

LG NEON 320W monocrystalline modules, West Pomeranian province

Photovoltaic installation

Ground installation with PERC technology, 4.4kWp

Ground-mounted domestic photovoltaic installation, 10kWp

Home photovoltaics, 290Wp PERC panels, roofing: plain tile

Solar tracking systems (trackers), Mazowieckie province

Home photovoltaic installation

BIPV as roofing, Małopolska province

We present the first such implementation of a BIPV system in Poland – an energy-efficient house with a photovoltaic system using BIPV technology as roofing. The project also included the design and implementation of an energy storage system with a life span of 20 years. SOLSUM-designed modules with a 26-year warranty and high efficiency even under diffuse sunlight were used here.

Domestic photovoltaic installations completed in Poland, from 2 to 15kWp

Photovoltaics for a farm

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