How much energy does the SOLSUM Wallbox charger use? Will my electricity bill go up?

The SOLSUM Wallbox is designed to provide the highest efficiency and lowest energy consumption when charging an electric vehicle. The charger’s energy consumption depends on a number of factors: miles driven each day, available electrical system, etc. In any case, the energy costs associated with owning an electric vehicle are significantly lower than those of an internal combustion engine vehicle. On average, the cost of driving 100km in an electric car is PLN 5 using the night tariff. If you have a photovoltaic installation, these costs will be even lower.

Can the charger be installed in any facility?

SOLSUM Wallbox can be installed in or near any home/hotel/garage, as well as in any other facility equipped with an electrical network. Our devices adapt to any type of installation and voltage.

Are SOLSUM wallbox chargers mobile?

Our chargers are not mobile. They are designed for maximum efficiency, so they must always be connected to a fixed electrical network.

Is the SOLSUM Wallbox charger compatible with all makes and models of electric vehicles?

Our chargers have been tested with all hybrid cars on the market to ensure its functionality. With remote upgrades, our products will also function with electric vehicles that are still not on the market.

Are charger software updates completely free?

All of our software updates are completely free of charge.

What is the warranty?

The charger comes with a 2-year warranty.

Can I monitor the charger from my smartphone?

We have a multi-feature app that will allow you to monitor the charger’s performance and access all the data from your smartphone.

Does the charger need any accessories?

Both the Type 1 and Type 2 charger have all the necessary components for proper installation.

Can I use the SOSLUM Wallbox around the world?

SOLSUM Wallbox is designed for use in Europe. If you want to use our product outside the European region, please contact our customer service department.

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