Photovoltaic training calendar

61st edition of the course for installers at SOLSUM Academy: June 22-24, 2022 open enrollment.

The number of photovoltaic micro-installations in the Polish electric power system has been on an exponentially increasing trend over the past few years.

A total of one million photovoltaic micro-installations are already operating in the Polish power system. The capacity has exceeded 7GW.

Growth forecasts for the PV market are very good, supported by increases in cell efficiency, including PERC/PERT/HIT technology, more efficient energy storage systems, increased environmental awareness, and stabilization of legal regulations and billing rules for photovoltaic installations in Poland.

This training prepares for the installation of photovoltaic systems and the UDT exam, the form of classes: theory + practice.

The authorizations obtained during the 3 days of the course entitle to install, maintain and connect photovoltaic installations and have compliance with the RES Act and also meet the requirements for installers to install photovoltaic installations benefiting from selected subsidies. 

SOLSUM has been accredited by the UDT to conduct training since 2015. Below you can see the current certificate.

Since July 1, 2016, the Renewable Energy Act has been in force, facilitating photovoltaic installations and introducing a support system in the form of discounts for photovoltaic micro-installations, introducing favorable energy settlement rules for Prosumers with the operator.

SOLSUM works closely with market leaders and major manufacturers of inverters, photovoltaic panels, energy storage systems and other devices.

SOLSUM sp. z o.o. not only supports modern technologies, but also carries out turnkey investments in photovoltaics, creates nationwide cooperation networks to provide the best photovoltaic technologies tailored to the customer’s needs.

Come to the training and participate in the dynamic development of photovoltaic technology.

Become a professional installer of photovoltaic systems.


Target group

  • Persons wishing to gain knowledge and, above all, practical skills to perform efficient and safe photovoltaic installations, to work as a photovoltaic systems installer
  • People planning to deal with the installation of photovoltaic power plants and sale of devices
  • Entrepreneurs who would like to expand their business with new technologies and also establish distribution/assembly/sales cooperation
  • Electricians
  • Designers and architects
  • Unemployed people who want to receive installation orders/work as a PV installer
  • Companies looking to upskill employees on solar power plants
  • People that are passionate about photovoltaics and renewable energy sources and are willing to exchange experiences and talk about upcoming trends
  • Energy corporations
  • Employment offices
  • Local government units, Water supply and heating plants,

Who can participate? A person of legal age can take the course, regardless of the field of study and level of education or work experience. Only those who pass the course and successfully pass the state exam will receive a certificate of qualification and authorization.

Added values of the training

  • Partner program and the possibility of permanent cooperation on favorable and transparent terms
  • SOLSUM authorization for distribution and regional representation
  • Refund of training costs in case of permanent cooperation!

About the training

The training is divided into 3 levels (3 days). Part of the classes will be held in a specially prepared training facility where various types of RES installations are installed: On-grid (cooperation of the PV system with the OSD grid), Off-grid DC, Off-grid AC, system with surplus energy storage (island systems), photovoltaic system + heat pump, roofs made with BIPV technology (replacement of standard roofing with PV panels) and many others.

The training will take place in a plus energy building, completely energy independent thanks to RES sources and energy storage system.

The thematic schedule is selected to guide the trainee through all the major steps in the installation of a photovoltaic system.

The thematic schedule is selected to guide the installer through all the most important stages of installing a photovoltaic system.

Small training groups guarantee an individual approach and also access to the workshop part on convenient terms.

Theoretical classes on Wednesday and Thursday will be held online live with a trainer and the opportunity to interact. The third day to practical workshops at SOLSUM headquarters. 


Training Program: 

Level 1, June 22, 20022, Wednesday: 

Introduction to photovoltaics

Photovoltaics in Poland and the world, historical data, current status, development prospects

Facilitation of photovoltaics, amendment of the law – main assumptions

Solar energy resources/radiation, yield – introduction

Installation yield, tilt, azimuth – what is the significance, charts

PV modules: construction, PV cell technologies, types, technical parameters

Standards and norms – photovoltaic modules

Degradation of modules, impact of shading elements on the work of the installation

The most common mistakes made at the stage of design and installation

Completing the application form for PV installation (practical exercises)

Maintenance of photovoltaic panels

Software to support the design of PV installations

Methodology for selecting system components

Safety and security in on-grid and off-grid systems

Good installation practices

Preparation for the UDT exam – discussion of sample questions and practice tasks


Level 2, June 23, 2022, Thursday 

Mounting systems for different types of roofs

Mounting systems for installation on the ground

Inverters: types, technical parameters, standards.

Basics of PV system design

Criteria for selection of inverters and PV modules.

Methodology for selection of mounting system

Cooperation of PV systems with the electric power system

Configuration of inverters

Protection of inverters

Surge protection

Calculation of the payback period for a photovoltaic micro-installation up to 10kWp

Discussion of billing rules for Prosumers

Discussion of the discount system for microinstallations


Level 3 June 24, 2022 Friday (practical day)

Practical classes, discussion and live demonstration of selected installations, e.g. photovoltaic installations, heat pumps, energy storage system, tracking systems (trackers), wind turbine, electric car charging station or others.

– equalizing connections

– cable routing

– types of DC protection (overvoltage, string overload, DC disconnects)

– construction of protections from the DC side

– installation of protections and accessories

– control of operating parameters

– getting acquainted with the diagram of a PV installation

– factors affecting the operation of a photovoltaic installation

– working with meters

– Installation of photovoltaic modules on sample support structures

– launching a test installation


A SEP exam will be held at 4 pm for those wishing to take it.

Preparatory training for the state exam to obtain licenses in the operation and supervision of electrical installations and equipment. We conduct courses and organize examinations for positions of supervision or operation in the field of operation, maintenance, repair, assembly and control-measuring on the following devices, installations and networks. The course is completed by a state exam, after passing it, the appropriate authorizations will be issued.

SEP course includes:

Group I – Electricity generating, converting, transmitting and consuming equipment, installations and networks.

  • Generating equipment connected to the national power grid regardless of the voltage rating;
  • Electric power equipment, installations and networks with a voltage not higher than 1 kV;
  • Equipment, installations and networks with a voltage rating of more than 1 kV;
  • Generating sets with a power of more than 50 kW;
  • Electro-thermal equipment;
  • Electrical overhead line;
  • Explosion-proof electrical equipment;
  • Control and measurement apparatus and automatic control; control and protection of equipment and installations listed in items 1-9.

During the course, participants will additionally have the opportunity to learn about the energy storage system of lithium-ion technology, photovoltaic carports and charging stations for electric cars.

Why choose the SOLSUM Academy?

  1. Experience in installation, practical classes are conducted by practitioners with many years of experience in the installation of photovoltaics.
  2. Theory proven in practice: we have built several hundred installations in Poland, including a 200kWp photovoltaic farm with the largest energy storage in Poland
  3. This is the most comprehensive training on PV installations currently on the market – the 59th edition is a testimony to the guarantee of quality and trust for our courses
  4. We have been training since 2012 in the field of photovoltaics, energy storage
  5. We are an Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) accredited training body since 2015.
  6. This is not manufacturer training. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the components used by more than a dozen manufacturers in the photovoltaic industry, giving the choice and customers and our partners as to the quality and prices, as well as the best technologies
  7. During the training we present the experience gained during several years of working with PV installations as well as new trends in the photovoltaic market
  8. Electrical authorizations up to 1kV completed with a state exam, which are necessary for work related to connecting photovoltaic installations


Paweł Gumulak – Entrepreneur since 1998, President of Solsum Sp. z o.o., 9 years of international experience in photovoltaic systems, graduated from SMA Solar Academy in Niestetal, Germany, owner of photovoltaic power plants

Jan Mółka, M.Sc. – designer of photovoltaic farms and micro-installations, portfolio of projects for more than 100MWp, will lead a module on the correct selection, design of photovoltaic installations and also discuss the procedure for notification / obtaining connection conditions for photovoltaic installations

Pawel Kapala – 9 years of experience in the field of photovoltaics, project manager – discussing the analysis of profitability of investment in photovoltaic power plants and the current rules of settlement with the operator after the amendment of the RES Act

Edward Kubiak – More than 20 years of experience in large and small power industry, installer of photovoltaic farms and micro-installations in versions: on-grid, off-grid, hybrid

Committee of the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers conducting the course and the state exam of SEP E1 and D electrical licenses.



June 22-24, 2022. 



First two days – online. Third day SOLSUM Academy Headquarters SOLSUM Ltd. (building not yet visible on google maps)

Świniarsko 821

33-395 Świniarsko

Link with location and directions in google maps: click here

Price includes:

3-day intensive course for photovoltaic systems installer, certificate confirming participation in the training, certificate of completion for the UDT, training materials on components, access to consultations during the training, technical specifications, catalogs with diagrams of the discussed devices, food: lunches, coffee buffet (coffee, tea, mineral water, fruit, juices and cake)

Training price:

1200 PLN net (with VAT 1476 PLN) per training day


When you buy II levels, the price is 2200zl net (2 days) (with VAT 2706zl). You save 246 PLN

When buying level III the price for the course is 2900zl net (3 days) (with VAT 3567zl). You save 861 PLN

SEP/UDT authorizations:

The price of 2900zl net does not include the course for SEP authorization. The price of the course and SEP E1 authorizations when purchasing level III is 580zł gross. The price of D1 authorizations is 680 PLN gross. Payment for SEP – on the spot.

The course and SEP exam takes place on the second day in the evening. UDT (Office of Technical Inspection) examination in the field of photovoltaics already takes place in UDT field branches in Poland. The validity of the certificate authorizing the participant to approach the UDT exam, which the participant receives after completing the course, is valid for one year, and during this time you must take the UDT exam in order to obtain the authorizations. SEP and UDT authorizations are valid for 5 years after issuance.

Completion of the lower levels is required for Levels II and III.

Food included in price only for enrollment in Level III.

Number of places limited, workshop groups min. 10 people.

Payment in advance is required to guarantee a place in the training.


Accommodation: The price of the residential version of the course does not include accommodation.

Possibility to credit the training by online installments.


How to enroll?

In order to enroll and confirm your reservation for the course, please make a payment to the account number below and send the participant’s details (name, surname, telephone), invoice details with VAT/receipt number to The data for the company invoice must be provided no later than the day of payment by email to Otherwise, the invoice will be issued to an individual.

Payments should be made to the following details:

STUDIO ZOOM Paweł Gumulak 8 Bolesława Chrobrego Street, 33-350 Piwniczna-Zdrój

Account number: 95 1140 2004 0000 3802 3454 8238.

Payment title: [Name and Surname] – SOLSUM Academy June 2022

Important: in the title of the transfer, please also provide the NIP number for which the company is to be invoiced. 

  • We have already trained more than 2,100 people at SOLSUM Academy since 2012. 
  • In addition to installers, we have trained investors, energy operators, Job Centers, Municipalities – we train and have been involved in photovoltaics since the beginning of our activity
  • SOLSUM experts are systematically invited as consultants for photovoltaic power plant projects and as experts in conferences and events on photovoltaic issues in Poland
  • We launched the first Tesla Powerwall storage system in Poland
  • We create proprietary training programs using our own materials and practical analysis from both the technological and financial side
  • We were the first in Poland to introduce two-day training with a visit to PV power plants with capacities from 1 to 3 MWp in various technologies and 3-day workshops with practical installation and connection of on-grid, off-grid and hybrid technologies.
  • We have advanced and innovative technologies for photovoltaic panels, inverters as well as solar power plant construction technologies, which we often introduce first in Poland
  • Coming to us, you get a guarantee of the quality of the transmitted knowledge and experience of SOLSUM trainers
  • By participating in the training you have the opportunity to establish professional support in carrying out the investment process of your power plant, and you have access to high-end components tailor-made for you

The number of places is limited.

The condition to guarantee a place on the training course is payment in advance.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes in the order of classes and in the training program due to weather conditions or other factors without prior notice. The condition for taking part in the course/training is making 100% prepayment as a deposit, to the account number given on the website. The deposit will be credited towards the price of the course/training. In the event of a participant’s no-show or cancellation of the course/training, the deposit paid is non-refundable. It is possible to transfer the reservation to the next edition once.
During the training, photos/videos may be taken by SOLSUM to be used later for information and/or marketing purposes. The participant, by signing up for the training, agrees to this.

Training materials provided for each participant will be provided on the spot or electronically, also invoices, certificates and certificates for UDT (Office of Technical Inspection).

The organizer reserves the right to change the date or conduct the theoretical part in the online version, if the minimum number of people does not gather, or in the event of unforeseen events beyond the control of the organizer, or other events, paid deposits, reservations will be transferred to the next edition of the course and are not refundable.

Contact about the course and organized trainings:


Copyright © 2022 Solsum



  1. Complaint regarding the training should be submitted up to 7 days after the completion of the training, by fax, email or in writing to the Training Center Manager. A complaint submitted after this deadline will not be considered.
  2. The complaint should include: the name of the training, the date of the beginning and end of the training, the data of the person making the complaint, the content of the complaint (the reason for the complaint), possible documents stating the legitimacy of the complaint.
  3. Complaint is subject to: non-performance of the training service at the agreed date, partial performance of the training service resulting from the fault of the Training Center, failure to provide training service with due diligence. 
  4. Once a complaint is field, the Training Center has (according to the Regulations) 2 weeks to consider the complaint. The next step is to effectively inform (by email, fax, phone or letter) the student of the Training Center’s decision on the complaint.  
  5. If the student’s claim is acknowledged, the Training Center undertakes to repeat the training course to which the complaint relates at its own expense.
  6. If the complaint is not acknowledged, the trainee (contracting party) who made the complaint has the right to appeal to the owner of the Training Center. The owner of the Training Center has 2 weeks to respond to the complaint, after which je effectively informs the complainant of his decision.
  7. Costs of unjustified complaints about the training service shall be borne by the training participant (orderer) making the complaint.


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