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SOLSUM complete photovoltaic kit for home and beyond. Power from 3 to 10 kWp

Unrivaled set when it comes to design and durability

The SOLSUM complete photovoltaic kit is a complete system refined in every detail, which combines the advantages of a tailor-made photovoltaic system with the possibilities offered by standard solutions. Unlike other solutions, however, the SOLSUM kit is available off-the-shelf. The result is a PV system of extremely high quality, with components that have been perfectly composed to work as part of a photovoltaic installation. The system features the latest available technologies including PERC, Half Cut and 9bus bars, providing the best price/yield ratio and warranty.

The system attracts attention with its modern design, and what’s more, it guarantees optimal energy yields in almost any conditions. Thanks to the black modules of the Excellent series, the system looks perfectly integrated with the roof, forming a logical whole and providing an attractive appearance and aesthetics. Moreover, it is unrivaled in this price range.

Flexible solutions for every need

Tailor-made system

The SOLSUM kit is the first complete system that can be installed in different regions and conditions. Using the expansion package, the SOLSUM photovoltaic system can be installed on complex roof structures while occupying the smallest possible area. In this way, the system provides maximum flexibility and minimizes difficulties. SOLSUM is the only truly universally adaptable system.



Advantages of the system in a nutshell

More than expected

Customized design

We know how important efficiency is, so in order for your power plant to work at its best, an individual and well thought-out design is necessary, which includes selection and current-voltage configuration of the installation, accurate yield and rate of return calculations, as well as roof slope development design with shading analysis. Only a professionally designed installation means safe operation and maximum efficiency throughout its lifetime.

Cost savings

If you pay more than 100 PLN per month for electricity, then a photovoltaic system will allow you to make significant savings on your electricity bills. The undeniable fact is that the price of traditional energy will increase year after year, so by installing a photovoltaic set now and using the energy for your own needs, you will save from day one for as long as 30 years. The payback period for the investment is 5-6 years, and the total savings with 25 years from a home photovoltaic system is about 205,000 PLN taking into account the increase in energy prices. 

German quality

Set manufactured 100% in Germany – a guarantee of quality workmanship. Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, ISO
14001:2009 and OHSAS 18001:2007

Comprehensive service

We value your time, which is why the formalities of design, financing, execution and acceptance are worth outsourcing to professionals who will take care of every aspect of the project from start to finish. We take care of every step to ensure quality and efficient handling of the investment, as well as a quick return on investment – that’s why we are a leading company in the industry.

Professional installation

Our team consists of specialists with many years of experience in the field of energy and photovoltaics successfully implementing demanding projects – often the first in Poland. After installation and configuration, we also carry out arrangements with the local operator to meet the requirements and connectivity to the grid.

Better yields

Anti-reflective glazing combined with PID-free high-efficiency cells means an increase in yields in diffuse solar radiation compared to traditional modules. Loads up to 5,400 Pa and positive power rating ensure increased yields in the long term.

Perfect execution

Thanks to the use of full black modules, the system looks perfectly composed with the roof, forming a logical whole and providing an attractive appearance and aesthetics being unrivaled in this price range.


Ability to install on complex roofs

A system for every occasion

An example of one of our completed projects, where we designed a system that was blended into the available space taking into account previously installed solar panels, roof windows and limited roof area. Read more about our completed projects here.

No compromises when it comes to design and performance

Excellent appearance

When creating SOLSUM kits, we use only high performance components. The installation is made of high-efficiency monocrystalline cells and black anodized frames, all to create a visually stunning set.

Heart of the system inverter SMA, Fronius, Huawei – always tailored to your needs

Three-phase inverter for greater flexibility

Sunny Tripower sets new standards for home systems. It features asymmetrical multi-string and optiflex technology to provide ultimate flexibility while combining maximum system efficiency. Global OPTITRAC supports the highest production. In addition to communication via an external Bluetooth antenna, the PV system has the ability to connect directly to the Sunny Portal via SMA Webconnect as standard.

Tripower also has integrated network management functions. The SMA Tripower is the optimal product solution – for use in your home.


Maximum efficiency 98%
Shadow management with OPTITRAC
Active temperature management with OptiCool


DC input voltage up to 1000 V
Integrated network management functions
Reactive power supply
Optiflex module


SMA Webconnect
Monitoring via web browser as well as via smartphone app
Bluetooth communication
Multifunction relay

Easy to use

SUNCLIX DC connector system
Integrated DC disconnector

How does the SOLSUM photovoltaic system work?

Thanks to us it becomes easy

2 power versions for a better fit

Versions 3.x and 5.x

The SOLSUM kit is available in different variants, in order to meet individual needs and different variants of roof structures in the best possible way. Depending on the power of the system, a minimum of 17 m2 of roof or ground area is needed.

Below are examples of module layout:

ułożenie na dachu

Ułożenie na dachu

What the installation of a photovoltaic system looks like


Professional energy yield monitoring

Access to data - anywhere, anytime

  • Our system monitoring products offer the widest range of possibilities: wireless or Internet communication, on your computer or smartphone.
  • Full access to extensive data with graphs, in order to use energy most efficiently and also to control your own energy in real time.
  • You have an overview of your household energy consumption at any time and can see where you can make savings
  • You can take advantage of automatic efficiency controls that take into account individual household needs
  • You use forward-looking monitoring technology that is ready for differentiated electricity tariffs and the upcoming smart grid

Benefits of SOLSUM photovoltaic kits

What do I gain?

  • The system has been configured to ensure the best matching of components and their compatibility with the use of photovoltaic kit testing laboratory and advanced calculations and more than 9 years of experience in photovoltaics
  • Latest technologies e.g. PERC, Half CUT, 9BB, IP68
  • Possibility of preferential credit and thermo-modernization tax credit
  • Application to the operator and all formalities included in the installation price
  • European manufacturers of components, high reliability
  • Reliability – long-lasting 20-year product warranty and 30-year performance warranty provides peace of mind and financial security
  • Maintenance-free – the installation is designed for maintenance-free operation for a minimum of 20-30 years, tested under extreme conditions
  • Can be upgraded with batteries without replacing the inverter
  • Protection of the environment and the immediate surroundings – no noise generation, zero emissions, the materials used are recyclable. The 3kW photovoltaic system reduces CO2 emissions and other toxic gases by more than 2 tons per year
  • Independence from the energy supplier and the ever-increasing energy prices, in case of higher energy demand the inverter automatically takes the missing energy from the public grid
  • Safety – modules as well as other photovoltaic components have successfully passed performance tests, extreme conditions, safety certificates and compliance with the highest quality standards
  • Delivery to site on a single pallet with a complete set of components and accessories
  • Resistance to weather conditions – e.g. hail, tempered glass (set of certificates available upon request)
  • Professional installation by SOLSUM specialists along with training in the operation of the system
  • Prices of complete sets start from 15 000 PLN net – feel free to contact us for individual selection

Solsum_montaż fotowoltaiki

Guaranteed quality

Our tests and certifications

  • Modules in SOLSUM sets, in addition to testing by accredited external entities such as TUV, are additionally checked in Poland at the SOLSUM Photovoltaic Laboratory. The testing includes checking the parameters according to STC, electroluminescence test, quality test of cells and soldered connections, as well as current-voltage characteristics
  • Modules are certified for salt fog test and hail ball impact test
  • Extended mechanical load test at 5400Pa completed successfully
  • Certificates available upon request

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Why choose SOLSUM?

  • Many years of experience in the implementation of photovoltaic projects from design to service
  • Proven company – thousands of customers in Poland have trusted us
  • Only 100% original products that guarantee fast return on investment and high quality of energy yields
  • Comprehensive investment service
  • Area of operation covers the whole of Poland
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Clients about us:

“The work entrusted was carried out in a fully professional manner”

Stanislaw – owner of an 8.58kWp installation, Ludźmierz

“We recommend SOLSUM as a reliable ad credible company”.

Piotr Sroka, Manager of WABCO POLAND, Wroclaw
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