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SOLSUM MAX EVO – a set with energy storage

Maximum energy and financial independence when you need it

Choosing an energy storage system is a wise investment that makes the household increasingly independent of the public grid and energy operators, it also saves fossil resources and saves on energy bills. The SOLSUM MAX EVO photovoltaic system is a kit that allows you to produce your own energy, use it optimally and store it. It is a new generation of the extremely popular SOLSUM MAX kits, providing higher energy density, easier expansion options, higher efficiency, much faster grid-island switching times, and a unique design.

Intelligent energy management and storage

Solar energy is a clean solution. Solar modules in a PV system can use the sun’s unlimited energy and convert it into electricity using an inverter system. However, a standard household can use part of the generated solar energy directly, which means that its own consumption is about 40%. The remaining surplus solar energy is mostly fed back into the grid, or used to heat DHW.

For private homes and small businesses, optimizing consumption is now much more cost-effective than just giving energy back to the grid. It is better to store surplus solar energy and use it around the clock. In addition, the energy storage system provides an emergency power source in case the public grid fails.

You can increase your self-sufficiency and autonomy by using innovative yet proven solutions.


How does a home energy storage system work?

Intelligent use of energy

Below is a chart showing how a home energy storage system works on a typical day:

1. If the battery is discharged before sunrise, energy is drawn from the grid.
2. At sunrise, the system switches to its own consumption generated from solar energy.
3. If enough solar energy is produced for domestic appliances, battery charging begins at the same time.
4. If there is very heavy cloud cover or something shades the modules then the system draws the required energy from the batteries.
5. When the sky clears, the house is still powered by photovoltaic panels, and the battery is further charged using excess solar energy production.
6. If the battery is fully charged, the additional energy from the photovoltaics is fed back into the grid. It is also possible to power a heat pump for domestic hot water or a heat pump for central heating.
7. When the sun goes down, SOLSUM MAX provides energy from the batteries and powers the whole house, including the electric car.

Innovative storage system

Guaranteed security and independence

The environmentally friendly and cheapest self-generated energy on your own roof or fence is used to power electrical appliances and consumers directly at home or stored for later use. You can clean, watch TV, do laundry, light up the whole house or use the Internet, and power your other appliances even at night. Harness the power of the sun and save money by avoiding high electricity prices now, as well as increases in those prices in the future. In case of grid failure you have your own power supply from batteries with the possibility of working with a generator.


SOLSUM Li-ion – Innovative storage system with a lifespan of more than 20 years

Li-ion batteries are a leading energy storage technology. Among the main advantages of Li-ion cells, we can include very low weight and small cell volume, high unit voltage, absolute lack of memory effect, high energy density, long life and low self-discharge. This technology allows accumulating twice as much energy as in NiMH batteries of the same weight and size. In addition, the cells Li-ion are much more environmentally friendly compared to Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh cells. LiFePO batteries are commonly used for modern electronic equipment and as much as possible find their application in storage systems dedicated to photovoltaic installations. How is a battery cell constructed?

struktura ogniw

Lithium-ion cells are built in the shape of a slice (cells), which are sealed by a laminated film. Due to their large contact area, the cells exhibit excellent heat dissipation, while due to their simple and compact design, they provide a high degree of freedom to design any battery capacity.

The batteries meet, and even significantly exceed, the requirements of subsidy programs for photovoltaic energy storage systems.

SOL cells (cells) are made up of a cathode, which is produced by coating lithium manganate on aluminum foil, and an anode produced by coating carbon material on copper foil. The anode and cathode are arranged alternately with a separator, and then a certain number of such designed layers are sealed with a laminated foil. Cells constructed in this way are characterized by a significant area of surface proportional to the size and shape of the copper and aluminum foil sheets used. The cell design promotes good heat dissipation and thus allows freedom in designing the final shape of the battery. This feature is particularly important when one wants to pack significant battery power in a small volume. SOL cells are characterized by high efficiency and a high number of charging cycles of 6,000 cycles, with a discharge of up to 80%. Using lithium-ion batteries based on SOL cell design, it is possible to build storage systems with a voltage rating of, for example, 48V.

            Technical specifications of the SOL cell

Parameters/Model SOL cell
Cell type laminate
Technology lithium-ion
Number of cycles at 80%  6000
Anode material graphite
Rated capacity (0.3C) 33,1 Ah
Average cell voltage 3,8 V
Dimensions (DxSxG) 11,417″ (290 mm) x 8,504″ (216 mm) x 0,2795″ (7.1mm)
Weight 1,7624 kg (799 g)


Technical specifications of Solsum li-ion 4C battery module:

Parameters/Model Solsum li-ion 4C battery
Number of cells 4 pieces
Structure two pairs in parallel in series
Rated voltage of the battery module 7,6 V
Dimensions (LxWxD) 11,9291 “(303 mm) x 8,7795 “(223 mm) x 1,3779 “(35 mm)
Weight 8,3775 kg (3,8 KGS)
Signal output M6 nut
Detection terminal voltage M4 nut
Mounting hole diameter 0,3582 module “(9,1 mm)
Energy density 140 Wh / kg
Power density 2,5 kW / kg
Certifications Available upon request


The high stability of lithium manganate on the cathode and the use of a lightweight, compact, laminated cell structure with good heat dissipation in A1ES24C li-ion cells, translates into high stability and energy performance for Solsum li-ion 4C batteries. The energy performance for the aforementioned li-ion batteries have been confirmed in tests specified by the UL1642 Certificate on Safety Principles and Performance of Li-ion Batteries. Solsum li-ion 4C batteries allow individual optimization in the configuration of the size of the battery bank capacity and its cost. The recommended operating temperature range for batteries is between 0° + 45°C, with humidity between 10 and 90%.

The capacity of the batteries over a lifetime of up to 10 years according to the manufacturer’s recommendations do not reduce their capacity below 70% of the initial value, and the life of the battery is estimated at 20 years of operation.

Be independent, save money

Consider a typical household:
Parents work, children of school age. The family lives in their own home and consumes about 4,500 kWh of energy per year. The available roof area allows the installation of a 5 kWp system. Direct energy consumption is relatively small. This results in about 20% direct consumption and about 28% independence from the grid (self-sufficiency). Excess energy (80%) is returned to the grid. In this case, there is much to gain. If the excess energy can be used at home instead of giving it back to the grid, we gain additional savings from lower energy bills. And energy prices are rising, so the savings will only go up as well. Adding a storage function to a PV system, allows you to store excess energy production and use it at night, and in the event of a public grid failure, allows you to provide normal power to consumers.

If the energy management function of the SOLSUM MAX EVO is enabled, as well as energy is consumed for its own needs – self-sufficiency of up to 90% can be achieved.


  • Li-ion battery technology – highest level of safety, battery life of 25 years with cyclic operation, 100% sealed housing, expandable battery. Included as: Hybrid system, charges the battery from an AC and/or DC source,
  • Consumers (load) powered by three integrated bi-directional inverters (3-phase system) up to 12kW, possible shortfall drawn from the grid
  • Three-phase power supply in on-grid or off-grid mode
  • Parallel connection to the grid and possibility of cooperation with genset and grid inverters
  • Possibility of connecting an electric car charger and charging the car only from the sun
  • Possibility of charging the batteries of the night tariff
  • And many other useful functionalities

Advantage through energy storage

Store more through innovation

Batteries are a key part of an off-grid or hybrid system, which is why we pay so much attention to their quality and selection. The batteries we design have a lifespan of up to 25 years and more than 6,000 charging cycles.

The operating characteristics of a battery in a solar system are quite different from a classic stationary battery for backup operation. In a solar system, the battery is an energy storage used at night in the absence of power from photovoltaic panels. Hence, in practice, it is cyclic operation with charging during the day and discharging at night. The results of laboratory tests, supported by many years of operating experience, prove that cells with an antimony content in the core of the positive plate of 6% or various types of lithium-ion cell batteries work best in cyclic mode. Our offer includes:

  • Latest generation of batteries – highest level of safety with useful capacity of 8.5
  • Scaling up to 66kWh
  • Hybrid (two sources) battery charging from AC and DC sources (PV modules + public grid e.g. at night)
  • No cobalt – maximum safety
  • Switching time of less than 10 milliseconds in case of grid failure
  • Load is powered by three integrated two-way inverters
  • Three-phase system in on-/off-grid mode (with both parallel grid and battery operation)
  • Operation in parallel with the public grid as well as independently without the grid
  • Possibility to connect additional generators in the future (windmill, biomass, etc.)
  • Battery charging in case of power failure by PV system
  • Completely maintenance-free system
  • Can be sited anywhere (no gas, no odors)
  • Control via touch screen as well as remotely
  • 10-year warranty
  • Battery life of up to 25 years
  • SOLSUM has over 8 years of experience in designing, configuring and installing storage systems

sma storage

Intuitive online monitoring

Full control

Immediately after installing the SOLSUM MAX EVO system, the installer can connect the device to the portal and register it as a new system. The most important system parameters can then be easily accessed, compared and managed. Access via smartphone/tablet/computer app.

You can see all important data from the system on the website or on your smartphone, among others:

  • Graphs of power production, consumption, battery charging
  • Battery charge level
  • System mode selections
  • Total energy generated for the day, month or year
  • Service messages from the system
  • Notifications and status of system operation
  • Total savings
  • Backup – own power supplied in a backup situation
  • Own consumption – the amount of electricity consumed for own needs

A few steps to your own energy storage:

Subsidized installation

Installation design

Preparation of project documentation and a set of required attachments by the contractor, who will carry out the entire investment process.

Grant application

Based on the project, we are preparing an application for national funding.

Assembly and configuration

Our certified installers will take care of installation, configuration and connection of the system, as well as setting parameters for individual requirements.

Monitoring of installation

For many people, having access to online monitoring is important. It’s really nice to see the installation make money for you and the cost of home maintenance go down.


You have your own autonomous power system. You can already rest easy because you have your own power plant with a storage system and growing savings.

Examples of our projects

Examples of energy storage facilities made in Poland by SOLSUM



Why choose SOLSUM?

  • Many years of experience in the implementation of photovoltaic projects from design to service
  • Proven company – thousands of customers in Poland have trusted us
  • Only 100% original products that guarantee fast return on investment and high quality of energy yields
  • Comprehensive investment service
  • Area of operation covers the whole of Poland
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